Accessible, Equitable, Remote Tutoring

Expert personalised, secure tutoring delivered online through our proprietary collaborative learning platform.


We remove geographic barriers by connecting teachers and tutors with students and youth, even in the most remote locations providing individualised, safe and impactful learning outcomes.


Our programs deliver world-class support improving educational outcomes, confidence and emotional wellbeing.

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Remote tutoring for primary aged students.

Need a Tutor™ match and connect rural and regional children with teachers & tutors elsewhere across Australia. Children who fall behind at this young age are likely to be left behind, often without the chance to catch up. Working in Indigenous land schools, public primary schools along with families and communities we help support educational and emotional outcomes for our young.

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Remote tutoring for secondary students & youth.

Need a Tutor™ provide online tutoring support through our virtual, inclusive classroom. Indigenous (and non) secondary and tertiary students can access their own individual teacher or tutor to support their learning endeavours.
Education support at this stage inspires confidence, ambition and aspiration resulting in improved opportunities and employability prospects.

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Mentorship programs

Need a Tutor Mentorship program provides sessions connecting experienced mentors with anyone needing advice, direction, coaching or simply support.

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Student Support Services

Supporting migrant or international students through our extensive network of tutors offering supported education as part of the students' education and career journey.

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"For kids in the communities it means allowing them to learn and study online receiving a world class education as well as a more traditional life"

Bronwyn Covill

Co-Founder & CEO - Need a Tutor