Remote tutoring for primary aged students.

Our Indigenous communities have an intrinsic link to the land and generally live in remote locations. This primary school program is designed to educate, engage and empower those who experience difficulty obtaining learning support; tackling one of the most fundamental social problems experienced by our youngest living in remote and rural communities.

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Business Mentorship.

Our mentoring programs connects individuals with mentors to help with skills, advice or business guidance. Our program instills confidence, acumen and personal skills. Sessions are delivered through the Need a Tutorâ„¢ tutoring platform through collaborative live interactive video and audio technology.

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Remote tutoring for secondary students and youth.

Our teachers and tutors work closely on a 1:1 basis to ensure individualised learning and mentoring through our bespoke platform incorporating real time video & audio technology.
Through our tutoring we see a decrease in anxiety associated with learning and proximity difficulties, increased school attendance and eventually a more positive impact on the individuals mental wellbeing and self worth.

This individualised, consistent approach improves academic results whilst increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and enhancing employability prospects.

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