"The key is identifying those in need, analysing how to help and delivering solutions directly to them"

Melinda Gates

Our Story

Need a Tutor™ is an online tutoring platform connecting teachers and tutors with students through real time, live video and audio proprietary technology. We provide educational support for Indigenous, remote and under-resourced individuals.

There is huge inequity in availability for effective learning support programs for our Indigenous, remote and under-resourced individuals and students, and a plethora of online tutoring platforms targeted at the privileged and resourced.

We are proud of our Social Impact Tutoring and Employment  programs.

Aimed exclusively at strengthening the learning capacity of each individual through connectedness and by harnessing the power of technology, we created our proprietary collaborative online learning environment in 2017.

We have an incredible network of dedicated, qualified tutors and teachers and through our valuable social sector partnerships we do our utmost to access educationally vulnerable individuals, Indigenous communities and any child unable to access learning support.

If you have a need or can assist in any way, we would love to hear from you.

The Need a Tutor™ platform development and launch in 2017 was 100% funded by our Founders. We are now supported by generous Charities, Foundations, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and equity funding.
We receive no government assistance.

We know that learning changes lives and we are determined to remove barriers preventing under-resourced students from accessing quality educational support.

Proudly sustainable and eco friendly we produce no waste, negligible carbon emissions and no environmental footprint.

* All profits from Need a Tutor™ are redirected into subsidising Indigenous and rural education in Australia and providing free tutoring to at-risk girls in remote Cambodia.

If you would like to help us deliver to more children donate here via our associated charity Enrise (all donations are tax deductible):

Our Founders

Bronwyn Covill
Chief Executive Officer

Bronwyn drives the company's technology, partnerships and long term strategic direction. She has spanned a career in Education spanning 25 years and developed a passionate interest in social educational support after witnessing first hand the difficulty of marginalised and disadvantaged students.

She received the Pride of Australia medal in 2019, Optus Future Maker 2020 and Blue Chillies Alumni 2020 and Kickstarter winner in 2021. She sits as a current Board Member (volunteer) for Cambodian Kids Can charity.

Michele Layet
Chief Operating Officer

Michele as the COO heads up finance, customer service, back office administration and liaison officer between Tutors and Learners. Michele has extensive business acumen as a McDonald’s Franchisee. As a business owner Michele has a keen interest in satisfying consumer demand and understands the need to be transparent and honest in all dealings with Tutors, Learners and stakeholders. Michele has a strong sense of achieving social outcomes for those less fortunate in our community.