“Need a Tutor™ provides qualified and motivated tutors who engage with students in a meaningful way, with cultural and educational competence”

Barnardos Australia


All our tutors are qualified which allows us to customise learning for each individual. Many are teachers, some are Indigenous and all have been certified. We validate credentials, including Working with Children Checks, teaching history and qualifications. Our tutors connect with each student online to provide learning and emotional support which results in measurable, tangible and lifelong outcomes.

At Need a Tutor™ we believe in paying our Tutors.
As professionals, we respect their expertise and time. Their fees (although heavily reduced from that of a conventional tutor) ensures commitment to every session which is essential to continuity and success for our students.

“As a proud Indigenous man of the Gunai Kurnai and a graduate teacher, I endorse Need a Tutor as an ethical, grassroots organization delivering an integral service improving the lives of Indigenous students in our communities”
Justin S - Indigenous Tutor and Teacher

“Need a Tutor is a fantastic platform that provides individuals with one-on-one support. This facilitates a meaningful connection between mentors and mentees impacting professional and personal development.”
Kerri R - Mentee

“Although new to online tutoring, I have found the Need a Tutor platform provides quality interaction with learners and encourages creative thinking on the part of the tutor that benefits students. Need a Tutor resonates with Indigenous learners and enables them to acquire knowledge and skills at their own pace while accommodating differences in educational experience.”
Michael B - Tutor


If you think you can make an impact as either a tutor, teacher or supporter please get in touch.

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