“Through Need a Tutor™ we see a positive, measurable and ongoing impact to our childrens' education, learning and emotional development over the long term "

Barnardos Australia
Senior Manager for Safety and Prevention


Organisations involved with learning and educating children and youth in remote, isolated or disadvantaged circumstances often struggle to find accessible support.

Geographic limitations, inability to access teachers aides and chronic underfunding make online tutoring cost efficient and easy to undertake.

Partnering with Need a Tutor™
Our programs have seen returns in the form of:
• improved educational attainment
• increased attendance at school or work participation
• targeted support for business and employment opportunities

We work closely with all our partners to help impact their individual objectives and provide tangible outcomes to their supported individuals, communities and financial stakeholders.

Through our programs we see significant improvements in employability opportunities for the disengaged and vulnerable.